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YouTube has become the main video streaming service since its first years. Owned and conducted by Google, it’s replaced traditional TV for millions. No wonder many new iPhone or iPad owners first of all download YouTube for its inexhaustible video treasury.


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Features Review

Your Watch Never Ends

Not only does the app provide access to millions of videos; browsers can do the work as well now. But the app offers a different type of experience. After authorization, you get access to your personalized video feed. Videos you like are logged and bookmarked, and stored for you to access quickly.

When you watch a video, the app suggests you similar ones you may like. It doesn’t take a single move to proceed to the next one, unless you want to watch something else. You can also comment on videos, post your reactions both to videos and to other users’ comments. Social functionality is delivered in full effect.

The app also provides integration with your Apple TV or any Smart TV with YouTube account activated. If your TV is on, with two taps you can open the current video on the big screen, selecting the one you want to use now. At the same time you can use Apple Watch as a remote; but, alas, volume adjustment with Digital Crown doesn’t work, available from Apple TV remote or iPhone only.

Alas, YouTube Music features are not available in this app, even if you’re subscribed; they require a separate one. But in general it’s hard to find a negative YouTube review, though sometimes users report bugs, but they aren’t critical.

In Google, YouTube Tubes YOU!!

But the app is not only about watching videos. If you feel ready to launch your own channel, YouTube app got you covered too. With your phone camera and microphone, you can make your videos anywhere and then edit them with a built-in editor. Then you can mix its original sound with royalty-free music provided by the service. (But I tried once to upload the video with unauthorized music, and it was recognized and declined).

You can as well create your videos in an external editor and upload them with the official app, if its features aren’t enough for you (chances are they aren’t). Then you can manage your channel like you do on PC. So if you download YouTube app, you get a basic video studio that can make encourage you to start.


➠ Tons of videos available;

➠ Personalized video experience;

➠ Good integration with Apple ecosystem;

➠ Creative studio for vloggers;

➠ Very few glitches if any.


➠ Browsers can offer similar experience;

➠ YouTube Music requires a separate app.

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