Why do cats rub against things, objects or walls?

You will surely have seen your cat rubbing against the corners of the walls, on various objects, on the legs of the chairs and even on us. Today we will see what it means and what it means when cats rub on objects.

When cats rub against things or on the walls of the house it means that they are well and that they are at ease. It is certainly a positive sign.

It’s all about chemistry and pheromones. The glands are found all over the body and transmit different messages (we will see it in another chapter). The glands of the face are found on the lips, cheeks, and forehead and cause if solicited, a sense of calm and tranquility in cats. When the cat rubs itself against things or even against people it is marking its territory (with the release of odors) and feels happy, relaxed and at ease in the surrounding environment.

There are two different types of cat wiping :

  • Rubbing or Allorubbing: when the cat rubs on objects with the corners of the mouth.
  • Bunting or Head-bunting: when the cat rubs with its whole head.

The Bunting (which we will see later on), is generally used on human beings or on other animals that live under the same roof and are the famous heads. It is a sign of familiarity, affection and, in any case, a sign of well-being. When two cats rub their heads together it means to love.

Rubbing instead is rubbing against protruding objects, on walls, on chair legs and occurs with the chin, the cheeks and the corners of the mouth, with the typical movement that starts from the corner of the mouth up to the ear.

Cats leave their smell on objects and mark the territory

When your cat rubs on the object it leaves its smell that we do not hear, but which he perceives as a perfume. Cats tend to choose flashy objects, such as a corner that sticks out, whether a wall, the edge of a coffee table or a sofa, or even the corner of a book or a box. It really serves to mark the territory and say that in that house or in that situation it is well and is happy. In general, male cats are more rubbing against objects than female cats.

The rubbing of the cat releases information about its passage

The cat while it rubs it also leaves the sign of its passage. Its smell is able to inform any other cats how long there has been a passage or if recently the cat has been nearby or if it is better to leave that place to avoid conflicts with other cats.

Cats also rub themselves to calm down

When the cat is not in its familiar environment, it tends to rub against objects to release its smell. It’s a practice against anxiety because feeling its smell around if it can get comfortable and calm down, even in an environment that it doesn’t recognize.

Rubbing is also a gesture of affection

When cats rub against their owners and, above all, while they zigzag between their legs, the cat needs to collect the scents of that person and, in the meantime, release their own. This practice is considered a gesture of affection or a greeting behavior. The same is true even when cats of the same group rub each other to greet each other, like a handshake.

Cats do not rub only with the face

In addition to the glands placed on the face, there are others also at the base of the tail. For this reason, the cat does not rub only with the head, but also with the side and the whole body, including the tail. Also in this case pheromones have produced that release a sense of calm and tranquility on the cat.

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