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Tubi is a media streaming service letting you access thousands of movies and TV shows on demand. Download Tubi and get something to watch wherever and whenever you want.


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Features Review

Stree Freaming

Or, excuse us, free streaming. The author was too excited to spell it right. Well, the app and the service are really free to use, just like traditional air TV. But, unlike TV, Tubi has a search button, so you can enter the name of the flick you want to see.

With this app you can select the shows or movies you want to watch and queue them, so you don’t miss any of them. The control system is traditional for video players. As you have quit the app, on returning you can start the video from the moment you paused it.

Tubi is available on iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV (plus an extension for Apple Watch). But they all deliver similar experience, so one Tubi review is enough.

Who Pays? What’s On?

Well, like the air TV we’re used to, this project pays due to commercials. Lots of them are interrupting movies and series you watch. If you consider it okay, then it wouldn’t be a problem. What you get is an air TV analog with on-demand support via Internet. Of course, this limitation impacts its availability, so Tubi is only available in select countries.

As for the repertoire, it’s… hmm… specific. Major studios won’t provide Tubi with movies that still sell well, so it offers mostly Z-movies (like spaghetti westerns of 1970s, mockbusters by The Asylum or low-budget Troma films) or old hits, like 1978’s Convoy or 1975’s Death Race 2000, but most of the films out here are not that sort. The most popular of them is “Titanic 2”, ‘nuff said. But there are some really interesting musical and documentary films, for free too.


◆ Completely free;

◆ Lots of titles available;

◆ Decent video quality;

◆ Info on each movie;

◆ Many quite decent music videos and live concerts.


◆Lots of commercials;

◆ Not available worldwide;

◆ Mostly old or B-movies available.

Far from the Maddening Mainstream

Well, if you want something un-Netflix and un-Prime, why wait? It’s time to download Tubi and enter the world of rare trash, old musical masterpieces, and even trash masterpieces.

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