Tips for Brushing Your Cat

The cat’s basic cleaning kit must include cat brushing gloves and combs suitable for the cat’s coat type. All types of products are on sale for every need of cleaning and beauty of the hair suitable for every cat and every breed. A hair grooming accessory is indispensable when you have a cat, especially for long and semi-long hair breeds. Moreover, even if the cat takes care of its own hair, the moment of brushing can become a moment of intimacy between the owner and the animal, provided that the animal does not reject it. Precisely to avoid rejection it is useful to get used to it as a puppy by brushing and combing it regularly, perhaps in the moments when it is more quiet and relaxed.

Tips for choosing

Before you buy a brush or comb for your cat, you should keep a few important aspects in mind.

  • First of all, you should determine what kind of bristle you want your cat to have. There are various types of bristles available on the market, hard or soft, sharp or round bristles, wide or narrow mesh, metal, wood or plastic. It is important to find the material best suited to the cat’s hair and, if necessary, get advice from the shopkeeper.
  • In addition, the brush should be comfortable to use, have a good grip and be resistant for greater practicality.
  • It is advisable to buy a washable brush to remove any impurities from time to time.
  • Hard bristle brushes are good for short-haired, dense cats and softer for smoother coats.
  • For long-haired cats, it is better to choose a wire brush, carders or combs so that any dead hair can be removed.

Grooming tools

The carder or slaner

This is an indispensable accessory if you have a long-haired cat. It is useful when preventing felted fur and removing excess undercoat. They are often sold in combination with comb cleaners. Quality products also help not to spoil the cat’s hair. There are the latest generation of slannels on sale that seem to remove up to 90% of dead hair without damaging the coat. The versions are different in breed and cat size and have a comfortable and handy handle. They can cost a little more than the classic carders or brushes but it seems that the result obtained is definitely worth the cost.

Soft bristle brush

This type of brush is used to make the cat’s hair shiny, soft and clean. It is ideal for short hair coats. They can be natural or synthetic bristles. It is best to choose an antistatic brush to prevent the removed hair from sticking to the coat or spreading around. The soft bristle brush should always be preferred in the case of puppies to get them gradually used to grooming. Some brushes have double-sided metal bristles to alternate between brushing. The metal parts can be used to unravel knots or to thin the undercoat.


You should always have a flea comb in the house. Thanks to its thick weave it is ideal for detecting flea residues or other parasites. Some cats don’t particularly like to be combed with the comb, especially if it has a thick weave, but with a little patience, you will get used to grooming it. When choosing a comb, it is advisable to choose one with rounded teeth to avoid irritating the cat’s skin and that it is suitable for the length of the hair.


The glove is effective for removing dust and dead hair from the cat’s coat. In addition to its practical usefulness, the glove is ideal to give the cat a moment of cuddling and relaxation in fact it also ensures a pleasant and relaxing massage. Used every day it guarantees a shiny and clean coat. The glove must be washable.

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