The reasons for sterilization

The reasons for sterilization.

The topic that we will discuss today is a delicate and very sensitive topic, there are many different points of view (all acceptable), and the goal of these lines is only to give another point of view.

  1. Sterilization (of dogs and cats) is a word that rhymes with stray dogs, it is a well-established problem in Italy and especially in our beloved places, it can be defined as a real social plague. With efficient land mapping, withdrawal and sterilization plans, the problem could be curbed and even canceled out over the long term.

The direct consequence would be the minimization of stray litters, the emptying of kennels (and shelters) with consequent lightening of municipal budgets, moreover, there would be a more conscious, well-informed and sensitized population, all this would trigger a virtuous circle and a collective conscience. A city without the problem of stray dogs is a city that demonstrates high levels of civilization.

  1. Sterilization of dogs and cats owned:

It is recommended by veterinarians for all our friends Pelosetta, in fact among the pro sterilization and we find:

  • The disappearance of cycle losses
  • Lowering of stress levels
  • No queues of males in the house or on a walk
  • No unwanted pregnancies.
  • Also the so-called hysterical (or apparent) pregnancies are avoided.

Represents the most obvious sign of stress in females, it occurs when a subject behaves like a mother while not being pregnant, so they are common (apparently funny) scenes such as accumulation of games, balls, slippers, etc. on its own kennel, in addition to a swelling of the udders due to the secretion of milk, this and more is brought on by hormonal imbalances, which lead to stress, nervousness, and loss of appetite, all signs of poor wellness, all this can be avoided by sterilizing your pet.

  • Uterine infections (pyometra) are prevented.
  • It prevents inflammation (mastitis) and possible breast tumors.
  • In addition, for particular subjects, the sterilization policy (or castration) helps us to minimize management and behavioral problems.

In conclusion, informing oneself and relying on competent and ethically correct professional figures is fundamental if we want to guarantee the WELFARE state of our Friend.

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