The 11 dietary rules for a healthy and happy cat

Nutrition is one of the bases used to have a healthy and lively cat, wrong food standards are harmful and nutrients must be well balanced for the cat that is a carnivorous animal.

Our cat needs the right amounts and a varied diet so as not to become too “fussy” or, worse, too fat.

To avoid mistakes follow the instructions of your veterinarian and these 11 rules:

  1. Micio is a habit and gets used to eating at very precise times and always the same.

You know very well that your kitten is waiting for the moment of the meal with a very precise internal clock and is coming to you mewing when the X time has arrived. Respect his needs and remember to give him the baby food at the same time.

  1. Puss loves fresh food!

Make the portions so that at every meal he can finish them, he doesn’t like the advanced jelly and he will stubbornly refuse it if you try to give it back to him or leave it to him.

  1. Micio loves baby food at room temperature or just warmed up

Avoid the food just pulled out of the fridge like the plague, he refuses it and if he eats it could cause intestinal problems.

  1. Pussy loves freshwater, even better if it flows …

Many cats like to drink tap water, they often change the water in the bowl so that it is always clean and fresh. If your kitty loves to drink running water you can buy a special bowl with a fountain.

  1. Attention to weight and good meals

Micio becomes spoiled very easily, careful not to offer too many tidbits out of meal and too few energy play sessions, in this way he runs the risk of gaining weight and getting sick.

If your kitty is already overweight, avoid having him skip meals but reduce the rations at every meal, follow the advice of your trusted veterinarian and click here on my guide Obese cat, how do I lose weight?

  1. Micio loves to beg and steal your food, stop it!

Do not allow your kitten to steal food from the kitchen or table or to beg for mealtimes. You will avoid getting caught by his big eyes by giving him too many meals and you will avoid getting into trouble, having eaten some dangerous waste (like chicken bones) or getting hurt with sharp objects or fire or hot saucepans on the hob.

  1. Pussies like cleaning

Keep your bowls always clean but avoid the detergents, both the water and the food bowl you can wash them with water and vinegar and rinse them very well, and dry them, to eliminate all the smells.

  1. Avoid milk

Cow milk like a lot to cats, but it almost always causes diarrhea, avoids it both with adult cats and with puppies. If you want to offer something good and healthy you can replace the milk with a ricotta nut or a few tablespoons of the whole yogurt.

  1. Even if the cat leaves freely, always leave it water and healthy food in the house

Cats that are free to go out and explore the surrounding area hunt and often find small prey with which to supplement their diet.

Doing a lot more motion than completely homemade cats, it is difficult to get fat, but they can have shortcomings because what they hunt is not complete, which is why they always leave their meals indoors to supplement and satisfy them.

  1. The cat is a tight carnivore and needs protein, don’t let it miss it

Dog food or, worse, vegetarian food is not suitable for satisfying the nutritional needs of cats, he needs five times more protein than the dog and even more than we need.

In the case of kidney problems, the proteins must be reduced, in that case, consult your veterinarian to choose the right diet.

  1. If you want to change your cat’s diet, you can gradually change it

He begins to mix his favorite usual food with a part of the new diet, not to offer him abundant rations but make very small portions that he can start and finish quickly, remaining with a little appetite.

It takes patience to get used to a new diet but you can succeed, don’t panic!

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