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Temple Run 2 is a 3D platformer runner game for mobile devices by Imangi Studios. This award-winning adventure offers endless gameplay and intense action somewhere in the mysterious jungle where the unseen ancient treasures are hidden in a dangerous temple. To start your run, download Temple Run 2 for iOS on the App Store or for Android on Google Play. The game is available for free for all devices.

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Features Review

Better in Everything

The first installment of the series is awesome and exciting to play even today, but Temple Run 2 game is many times better. First of all, it presents better graphics with HD textures and enhanced animation. The jungle was also updated. Now you can visit several different locations and explore them until you can keep running. It’s much more exciting than running the same corridors of the original chapter. It also offers richer content options, including unlockable characters with different special traits, new obstacles, achievements, and more useful power-ups for you to boost your score. Of course, the leaderboards remain the unchangeable part of Temple Run 2 gameplay, and you still can try to race with your Facebook friends and millions of players worldwide. Many of us had played this game numerous hours before it came to writing Temple Run 2 review, and we agreed that it gets more addictive when you play it frequently. 

Seasonal Changes 

Temple Run 2 latest version changes pretty frequently due to the implementation of special events. Now every significant real-life event is reflected within the game. For example, the current Halloween Spooky Ridge chapter provides new locations, items, and skins to make your runs more exciting during holidays. 


yes Significantly updates visuals;

yes Diverse new jungle terrain;

yes​​​​​​​ Several unlockable characters with unique traits;

yes​​​​​​​ Seasonal events and challenges;

yes​​​​​​​ Frequent content updates.


no There’s no story;

no​​​​​​​ No co-op multiplayer.

Run Faster

Download Temple Run 2 and try to race deadly monsters that guard the haunted temple. They won’t let you go with their treasures, so use every chance to keep one step forward. It became much better at everything, so we recommend it to everyone.

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