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Spore is a simulation game where you meet the evolution process, from a single spore that divides and multiplies up to intelligent and moral creatures. But what will their moral and intelligence be? Download Spore to know!


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Features Review


You start playing Spore with literally one spore that lives in the primordial soup covering the surface of your planet. Is evolution can go any of endless possible ways, and you have limited means to control it. But it’s enough to impact the evolution, so you can direct it.

Your spore eventually evolves into more and more advanced creature that grows in size by eating more of its food. It can be herbivore or carnivore. The former option means constant race for rare food, the latter turns the game into a dog-eat-dog tournament. Then you evolve: from a Cell to a Creature, then to Tribal form and to Civilization, ending up in Space. But what this intelligent civilization will depend on your choices. So choose carefully if you don’t want to create Aliens unwillingly!

As you move through that primordial soup, you find fragments of alien DNA you can incorporate. When you do, you obtain new abilities that make you stronger and fitter, thus helping survival. To move through, use your mouse and keyboard, or even a gamepad. Just don’t stop. That’s evolution, my little spore.


The game was developed by Will Wright, the famous creator of The Sims series. It doesn’t seem dated though it was released back in 2008; yet its system requirements seem miserable now, and it will certainly work on any PC manufactured in 2010s.

The game is fantastically beautiful. Primitive lifeforms are already the masterpieces, let alone later animals and plants. In fact, this Spore review expresses nothing but delight, and it’s true.

The player isn’t stuck to what developers provide. Create and upload your own element to share it with other players.


❍ A very fruitful idea;

❍ Fantastic visuals;

❍ Creative possibilities for players;

❍ Simple controls.


❍ It may seem too old;

❍ The next games of the series are more fun (probably).

World in a Shell

Though it’s already in its second decade, you still can download Spore and enjoy it, feeling like you have something to do with the history of our earthly life

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