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Snapchat is the most visual and vivid way of communication. Send video and audio messages, make yourself into a kitty or a rabbit. Download Snapchat to see yourself anew and to share this image with friends!


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Features Review

Send a Snap

The best way to protect your privacy, as we now for centuries, is to make sure your letters are destroyed after reading. But how, if you don’t control them anymore? Snapchat is here to do the work. The messages you send in Snapchat will self-destruct after the defined time. And there’s no way to copy, save or even screenshot them without letting you know: the app is watching all of its users and their privacy.

Like in WhatsApp, the app scans your contact to find potential friends. But, like in good old ICQ, adding a friend requires a confirmation from the person you add. This way you can make sure your friends list is free of accidental people.

What makes many of us download Snapchat is augmented reality elements that transform your face. What about hearts floating around you? And a crown on your head? Or hearts raising like Chinese lanterns? Or maybe your face needs rabbit ears, cat nose, or unicorn horn? Augmented reality adds these features to your videos, and, as you move, these elements move with your head, like they’re stuck. And yes, videos made with Snapchat can be shared on other social media; they will be here to stay, though, unless you publish them in Instagram stories or another expiring resource.

Snapchat and Security in the Same Sentence

Though there are many sites promoted as “Snapchat Leaks” (with you-know-what content), in fact, they are mostly fake. Of course, your privacy depends on your password strength. But if you use Snapchat for exchanging this sensitive videos or confidential talks, come on, make yourself a really complicated password. And then chances are nothing will ever leak out, unless the receiver is so incredibly careless. These are quite common ideas, but Snapchat review is a good place to repeat them.


♦ Visual and bright;

♦ Augmented reality makes your face cute with animal ears, noses and whiskers;

♦ Contact list protection with mutual confirmation;

♦ It’s so youthful.


♦ Not meant for serious conversations (though is it a con?);

♦ The idea of leaks sends shivers down the spine.

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