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Slime Rancher is a life simulation video game which requires 1Gb space. Download Slime Rancher and enjoy its mild strategy, cute design, and rather smart challenges. The title can boast of its visual identity. Though, you will not find a lot of meaningful depth here.

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Features Review

Do it in your own way

This first-person game delivers the engrossing sandbox experience. You will navigate the key character, Beatrix LeBeau. He is involved in the management of a rancho located on some mysterious planet. You are supposed to cope with all your duties and at the same time to overcome the obstacles you face. While doing this, you are expected to perform various challenges appearing every day, discover the hidden secrets, and become a leader at the Plot Market. You have a collection of slimes which are always hungry. Thus, it is important to grow rich crops to feed them. There are also other ranchers in the game, sending you requests. You should perform the tasks in order to get bonus rewards and earn money which can be paid for upgrades allowing you to build more because the ranch should be expanded. Slime Science will help you with rare resources and stunning decorations. Slime Rancher review does not contain all details of the title, but it is comprehensive enough to help you to decide in its favor.

Your possibilities

If you want to improve the replayability of the game, you can try all three modes provided by the developer: Rush, Adventure, and Casual. You will never get bored playing because here you are suggested to apply your creativity and mix various slimes creating hybrid ones. Over 150 types of such combined slimes are available. Here you will use the responsive and clear controls to manage your resources in an easy and accurate way.


● Adorable design;
● Plenty of challenges to discover;
● High level of customization;
● Constant upgrades.


● No multiplayer mode;
● Cracks are possible.


Download Slime Rancher and figure out more about those risky opportunities connected with your rancho. You will earn a lot of money running your business, collecting colorful slimes, grow and take the crops, get the resources you need. But watch out! This fun game is very addictive.

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