Signals from the Felino universe


How many times have we thought how nice it would be to be able to get into the head of our cat to understand how it sees the reality that surrounds it, what it likes and what does not and what it thinks of us.

It is fascinating and rewarding to be able to live a relationship of understanding without sharing a common vocabulary, but fortunately, more and more scholars and researchers are trying to interpret the magical world of animal communication.

The signals that a happy cat emits

Assuming that the individual variability in the domestic cat is really high and that, therefore, every cat is in itself, one can understand quite easily if a cat loves its companion. This can only be done through a correct and adequate reading of the cat’s vocal and postural language.

A shortlist of signs that show a good relationship between cat and human partner:

  • comes to meet you at your return home with a question mark line and takes you to the door when you are leaving
  • jumps into your arms and falls asleep peacefully between your legs or cuddles up in your clothes, likes to sleep with you while in contact, purrs, and squints
  • communicate with you by voice through various types of meows, trills and more ( voice communication )
  • it rubs on you, for example on the legs, leaving its smell ( marking)
  • it sniffs you in various places of your face and your body even doing “nose-nose” and licks you hands and feet ( affiliation )
  • makes pasta on you ( maternal memory )
  • try in more ways to calm yourself while staying in close physical contact, when you’re nervous and / or angry ( appeasement )
  • gladly participates in your games and invites you in turn ( game )
  • eat willingly in your company and also from your hands ( eating behavior )
  • follows you intrigued in everything you do ( exploratory behavior )
  • It is through these simple and common behaviors that your kitty shows its affection.

If, on the other hand, you did not recognize your cat in the previous paragraph and your cat does exactly the opposite, it does not necessarily indicate a bad relationship, in fact, there are several factors that can influence your cat’s behavior.

Ask yourself when he was last visited by your veterinarian, maybe his attitudes may be related to an illness. If, on the other hand, a health problem is excluded, it could be linked to the personality of the cat itself. As mentioned several times, the personality is given by the temperament and the character of the cat. 

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