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Piano Tiles 2 is the second part of Piano Tiles series. The game became popular in a short time because it allows you to play different songs by tapping on the black tiles. The tiles move automatically, and your mission is to tap them in time. The difficulty of the songs can be different. The game was released in August 2015, and more than 100 million people downloaded Piano Tiles 2 on their devices. You can download Piano Tiles 2 for iOS and Android devices.

What music can I play?

There a few pages in this game that will help you to select the music. The first page is called “Music”. There you will find the default levels. Most of the time, you will play classical music by different authors (Tchaikovsky, Mozart, J.S. Bach, etc.), but you can also find levels where you have to play American or Italian folk music or other genres. The “Store” page allows you to see the albums or songs you can buy. There are various topics (for example, Halloween, Christmas, School Days, etc.). Developers regularly update this page. They add new albums and songs. However, to unlock songs, you need diamonds. You can get diamonds by watching ads or by performing an in-app purchases.

What are the disadvantages of Piano Tile 2?

The game has interesting and simple controls, many popular soundtracks, but the only disadvantage is a great number of advertisements in the app. However, you can purchase the full version of Piano Tiles 2 in order to remove the advertisements. It should also be mentioned that it is sometimes hard to unlock the song without performing in-app purchases.


  • Free to download;
  • Many soundtracks;
  • Simple controls.


  • A lot of advertisements.


Piano Tile 2 is an interesting game with many songs in it. You can select the level and start tapping on a tile in order to complete it. You can download Piano Tile 2 for free from the Google Play Market and App Store. However, you will see many advertisements even if you switch between pages. We recommend you to download Piano Tile 2. Thank you for paying attention to this Piano Tile 2 review.

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Features Review

What’s New

★ The login option allows your to sync game data to all your devices.

★ All new gameplays, and you can compete with your friends.

★ Instead of just black and white, Piano Tiles 2 now is available with multiple colors with brand-new color themes.

★ Users can enjoy and feel the music and play as professional pianists.

★ Save your piano performance and share with your friends and family.

Unlike the last one, Piano Tiles 2 focuses on perfecting the game itself. Players can decide which song they want to play. As you perform longer, the game gets harder. And a bonus level named Endless Rush is appeared to challenge you.

More levels you pass, more coins you can get to unlock songs to play. Piano Tiles 2 has sorts of classical songs from Beethoven to Mozart, which you can totally enjoy yourself in the music world.

And the Hall mode allows you to compete against others from all over the world, you will get addicted to this opening competition for becoming the fastest ranking player in a global circumstance.

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