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Pandora is an online radio with personalized playlists and stations reflecting its users’ preferences. You only need to download Pandora to access your favourite music and discover more of what you’ll like.

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Features Review

It Knows Your Tastes

The greatest thing about Pandora is not its enormous music library (though it’s cool). It’s much more impressive that it can find new music you will probably like. Its suggestions are based on preferences of its other users sharing your preferences. Those listening to the same artists as you can know some others you don’t know yet, but Pandora will reveal those hidden treasures.

Mark some songs and artists you like as the base for its further suggestions. Then its radio will be automatically customized, and the repertoire will cater to your favourites.

Alas, Pandora app isn’t available worldwide, only in the US so far. But there are ways to make it work almost anywhere, using VPN and some other tricks if you use Android. On Apple, the only way to overcome these limitations is accessing it with your browser. Apple users yet can listen to Pandora with iOS as well as with Apple Watch or Apple TV, and easily share tracks and entire playlists and stations in iMessage.

Plans and Features

The basic Pandora plan is free, but, like it’s with FM stations, it’s ad-supported. You cannot enjoy unlimited skips, so you’ll have to listen to entire songs even if you don’t like some particular ones. Sound quality is also far from perfect. To enhance your experience, you can subscribe to Pandora Plus or Premium.

Plus plan for $4.99/mo offers playlists and entire albums on demand, as well as unlimited skips and replays. As for Premium ($12.99/mo), it also lets you create as many personalized playlists and stations as you like, cache as many as four of them for listening offline. Both plans also bring better sound quality. To taste it, you can enjoy a 60-day free trial.


♫ Infinite access to music;

♫ Smart playlists and radios;

♫ Free and paid plans with a free trial;

♫ Good quality with paid plans.


♫ Only available in the US;

♫ Free plan cuts sound quality.

Is It Worth This?

In fact, the service to choose depends on the music you like. To discover how well it covers your favourite genres, download Pandora and test it for some time. If it offers more of your favourite music than, say, Spotify or Apple Music, that’s your choice.

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