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Pages is a free application providing a wide range of features allowing you to create various documents, images, animations, to apply smart-annotations in order to leave your comments. Invite other people to co-work in real time and grant access to your document for particular editors. Download Pages and get a word processing tool enabling you to perform so many tasks needed for your work at the documents.
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Features Review

What is it for?

The app is developed for the creation of letters, school essays, books, or other papers – anything you usually do, using Microsoft Word. But this product stands out with its functionality, delivering the best-looking pages which can be saved in the digital formats or printed. You can find some design limitations if you compare various versions of the product. Of course, you can prefer such page layout apps as Adobe's InDesign, but they are very expensive though considered to be of a special quality. The choice depends on your expectations and capabilities. Pages is preferred by a lot of users of Apple devices, because being free, it includes all the word processor options you may need. In addition, you can share files with iOS devices and with Apple's iCloud storage without efforts. We hope that this Pages review will give you a comprehensive idea of the virtues of the app.

Design and a working process

We believe you will admire the stunning design templates represented in a rich gallery. You can choose the variants when you work at your letters, flyers, postcards, reports. Design skills are really at a very deep level here. You will be able to apply various built-in styles for your documents with charts, texts, and tables. Mind, that, when you create a document, you will not be able to change the template you have chosen. Only modifications of some text styles are available. Before you start, choose one of the two available modes: traditional word processing or a "page layout." They allow you to insert a lot of elements to the document, but the difference lays in the way they handle a text itself.


● Diverse and beautiful templates;
● Clear and convenient layout;
● Splendid graphics tools with advaced features.


● No match for Microsoft Word;
● Lack of useful features set as default.


Download Pages and enjoy this advanced word processor with an intuitive easy-to-use interface. Be ready that it is not compatible with a lot of features of Microsoft Word, but in all other cases, you will get a well-done useful tool for working at documents of various types.

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