Obese cat, how do I lose weight?

For a precise evaluation, you should contact your veterinarian, do not start the diet without having heard his opinion and then be advised.

I’m sorry to tell you, but if your cat is obese, it’s your fault and you have to run for cover.

At least until the cats learn to open the refrigerator, the kitchen doors and cans of the jelly, you are responsible for both the quality and the quantity of food in the house.

Precisely for this reason it is important to learn to choose the right baby food, whether homemade or bought, and above all the ideal dose to avoid metabolic and health problems, combining it with a game and training plan to do together.

Yes, you have read your “training”.

To lose weight even with a cat it takes more movement than we humans do, if Fuffy sleeps all day on the duvet, losing weight will not be easy, introduce two-game routines lasting about ten minutes into the day, they will already be enough and strengthen your relationship.

Remember that the cat should not skip meals to lose weight, making an empirical calculation you just need to reduce the quantity of each meal by about 1/4. If instead, you want to be more precise you can calculate the energy requirement for the weight and always reduce it by about 1/4.

The calorie requirement for healthy weight should be calculated based on the specific characteristics of your kitty and activity level, a sedentary cat that is always at home will have a daily requirement of around 50 to 60 Kcal per pound of weight, an active cat which comes out and hunts even outdoors will have a daily requirement of about 70 to 80 Kcal per pound of weight.

So I’ll give you an example, if your cat weighs about 4 kilos, and is only at home sleeping all day, it should take 50 calories per day for 4 kilos = 200 calories per day.

If you have to make him lose those 200 calories a day you have to remove about 1/4 making them 150-160 and adding the 2 play sessions of 5-10 minutes at a time.

If you use packaged food you can find the nutritional information on the label, if you prepare the food at home it will be a little more complicated the calculation but you just need to add the calories of the various ingredients and then divide the daily rations of jelly proportionately.

All meals and snacks are obviously banned.

Following this scheme, to be evaluated with your veterinarian, kitty will gradually lose weight without risking health problems.

When you have reached the right weight, do not return to the former recklessness, keep the play sessions and bring the amount of food and calories to those indicated for the ideal weight without curtailment of the fourth, then returning to the example of the first offer the 200 full calories.

If you really can’t stop having a snack between meals, you can buy the specific dried cat lifts and offer 1-2 of them when you can’t resist his big eyes, in general, all the cats go crazy and they are just dried fish in the oven, so completely natural. You can also find them on Amazon.

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