I found a kitten, what should I do?

Luckily lately it is difficult to find lost kittens in the city, this is because the animalist associations and the “gattare”, that with great care take care of the city colonies of free cats, arrange to have all the cats sterilized as soon as they manage to capture them.

When I was a child (in the 70s) there was no such cure for street kittens and it was not difficult to come across puppies, even worse in tools, with respiratory and ocular problems, or even with eyes closed.

Nowadays it is less frequent but unfortunately it can still happen, if it happens to you I give you some indications to help it immediately, then obviously the second step is to run to the vet to have it visited and given further instructions.

The first thing to do is to be sure that there is no mother in the neighborhood, if the mother is not to touch him, in fact, she stays nearby without taking it to see if the mother comes back, take it only if the temperature is very low and if you see it seems to be suffering, in that case, the second thing to do is to warm it up and keep it warm it will go very well an old wool sweater or a fleece cover in which to wrap it.

The non-self-sufficient kittens are still unable to regulate their body temperature and therefore risk dying for this reason, if it seems appropriate to take it because the mother just isn’t there wrap it in the warm cloth and use the hot water bottle to keep right its temperature, which must be 38.5-39 °.

Try to establish its age, if it still has its eyes closed it means that it is really small, under 10 days, so it needs more demanding treatments.

If it still has the umbilical cord attached it means that it has less than 4 days, in that case, the best thing is to find a veterinarian immediately after heating it.

If the eyes are open it already has the tip of the canines its age is around 2 weeks. If, on the other hand, he eats alone, it means he has exceeded his month of life.

Kittens under 30 days of age do not eat alone and are not self-sufficient, they need constant care and are nursed at regular intervals during the day and even at night and need to be checked by a veterinarian or expert to check that they do not have fever or other problems, for example, eye infections and cardio-respiratory diseases (due to the usual cooling) are very frequent and very dangerous.

When the kitten is warm and you understand more or less what its age is, you have to think about feeding it, feeding is another very important aspect in puppies and under 30 days of age the only suitable food is milk but NOT NEVER GIVE COW MILK or another mammal, you need the specific one for kittens that you can find in powder (to be rehydrated with boiled and warmed water) or already liquid.

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