How to lengthen the life of your cat

If you love your cat, as I want it to mine, the thought that one day it will be no more causes you a pang in the heart.

I want him to stay with me for as long as possible and I started looking for information on the longevity of the house cat, the good news is that veterinary medicine, like the human one, has made great strides and that the life of the domestic kittens slowly it is getting longer, just like ours.

The variables that come into play are many, in addition to genetics, the main ones are a lifestyle, nutrition and, indeed, care.

The house cat currently has an average life expectancy of 14-15 years which, in some cases, can be extended to 20-21 years.

The stray dogs and cats that come out of the garden unfortunately rarely go beyond 5-6 years.

The very common tabby cat, with its well mixed genetic heritage, is generally more robust and long-lived than the purebred kittens.

The fact of going out freely from the garden and being able to wander around in the city or in the countryside are risk factors for serious diseases, such as FELV and IFV, and for accidents, especially caused by cars.

So if your kitty is used to staying at home, without leaving the terrace or the garden, his life expectancy increases a lot.

Sterilization increases the life expectancy of the cat, even twice as much.

In the case of females, early sterilization (ideally around 6-7 months) avoids a lot of reproductive problems (mammary tumors and uterine infections in particular) and heat stress.

In the case of the male, it avoids the dangers of leaks, both as regards cars and various accidents, and as regards fights with other cats that often involve the contagion of serious and incurable viral diseases such as the already mentioned IVF and FeLV.

The male kittens, always early sterilized, also do not develop undesirable behaviors such as marking the territory.

Another important aspect is that linked to food: the cat is a narrow carnivore that needs a diet with high protein content and a limited intake of cereals, both proteins and cereals must be of high quality to keep away the kidney problems.

So a lot of attention to what’s inside in croquettes and morsels that you buy for him and as much attention to maintaining your weight. Obesity causes various health problems at home and is one of the negative factors that shorten life expectancy.

Do not overdo the food and play with it by keeping it in operation, in this way even the sterilized cat can maintain a perfect weight.

Along with food, remember also water, it is important that the house cat drinks enough freshwater, cats tend to drink little because they do not like water too much in the bowl, generally, they prefer running water.

Many cats love to drink from the tap, as it is not possible to leave it open for them a useful idea is to try with small fountains that recycle the water but make it flow instead of keeping it stagnant.

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