How Gattopedia is born, the cat blog

My name is Leyla, I am 41 years old and after a long journey in food blogging, I decided to open this Blog, the cat blog, feeling the need to tell my life as a “Gattaca” and everything I learned and discovered about the universe of cats.

How Gattopedia is born, the cat blog

I would never have thought of opening a Cat Blog, or rather a Blog, even if I have always read with pleasure many forums and sites about cats.

The input came from the love for my two cats: Bea (Beatrice), 11 years old, quiet and peaceful, and the little Leo, almost 2 years old, the plague of the house, who follows me everywhere and who also knows how to be terribly sweet and cuddly.

The world of cats fascinates me and it is really interesting to discover all the facets of these animals.

On Gattopedia Blog, I want to talk about cats and everything that concerns them. The project is to create a sort of manual on cats. All about domestic cats, from their characteristics to their behavior, the nature of cats, the intelligence of cats and many curiosities and funny episodes of these little cats.

You will find articles on cats, news on the cat and all the news! Obviously I will also talk about Bea & Leo.

Let’s start together the journey to discover our little loves, who know how to stay close to us every day and fill our lives! I couldn’t do without it!

A cat’s eyes are windows there allow you to see inside another world. 

– Said, Irish – 

PS: I also wait for you on my cooking blog ” Dulcisss in the oven ” with a very rich selection of sweet and savory recipes, easily explained.

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