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Google Play Games is a gaming marketplace created by Google to separate games from other apps and provide you with some useful features for convenient playing. Here you can find any genre you like, watch related YouTube clips, create your won library, collect achievements, and more. Download Google Play Games on Google Play and explore.

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Features Review

Navigation Upgrade

Google Play Games latest version offers you to benefit from an upgraded navigation flow that allows you to search for new content quickly and productively. Unlike Google Play Market, it has a variety of hashtags for fast navigation, so that you can easily find similar titles within your favorite genre or, for example, something like “games about cowboys” or “humoristic games.” In the library section, you will see everything that you’ve ever downloaded, independently from its availability on your device. You can also add paid titles to the wishlist to find them faster when you have the money to make a purchase. 

Over Devices

No matter how many Android devices you use for gaming, you can always continue playing your favorite games from the last checkpoint on any of the authorized gadgets. Android-powered TV-boxes and Chromebooks are also available. Another groundbreaking feature invented by Google is the option to play some games without installation. Google Play Games app has only a few today, but the idea sounds too good to die young. 

Share Your Progress

With Google Play Games free app, you can not only manage your games conveniently but also share your success with the community. Moreover, you can record gameplay of any title, comment, and share it directly to YouTube. The drawback that we have to mention in Google Play Games review is that Google requires too much personal data access for no reason. 


yes Gameplay recording option;

yes Convenient search navigation with tags;

yes Advanced community communication;

yes​​​​​​​ Built-in offline games.


no Gathers too much personal data;

no Previously installed games may be invisible for the app.

For Game Fans

Google Play Games is recommended to those Android users who play many games on a daily basis. It will really help you to manage the library and keep up with updates on your favorite YouTube channels. Download Google Play Games and play on!

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