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Garry's Mod is a famous sandbox game. You can play it alone, with friends, or just random players. It was created in November 2006 by Valve Software. Despite the age of the game, it is still popular, and a thousand players around the world play it. The game uses a Source engine that allows players to perform various experiments with game physics. You can spawn different objects (barrels, poles, furniture, and NPCs). Players can download Garry's Mod for Mac and Windows platforms.

Visual effects and controls

Garry's Mod graphics may look old, especially if you compare them to the graphical effects of modern games. Nevertheless, players will be able to easily distinguish the objects. The game uses 3D graphical effects. Some faces may not look realistic, but all in all, the graphics are not horrible. In addition, developers provided players with great animation and ragdoll physics. Even weak computers can run Garry's Mod because you are able to adjust graphical effects in the game settings.

As for the controls, they are common almost for every first-person game. You should run with the help of WASD and shoot with the help of the LMB. You can change controls in the game settings.

Game modes and additional content

There are many game modes in Garry's Mod. But most of the players play Sandbox (spawn multiple objects and have fun), Cinema (turn on any video and watch it with random players or friends), and many others. Players can also download various maps, objects, NPCs, and other content from the Steam Workshop. Usually, all the files you can find there were created by other players. 


  • Many interesting game modes.

  • No ads.

  • You can play it with friends.


  • The game is not free.

  • The graphics are not great.


We recommend you to download Garry's Mod, especially if you want to play with friends. It should be mentioned that the game may become boring if you play it alone. Nevertheless, you can enter the Multiplayer mode and try many available game modes there. The maximum number of players depends on the server you play. Thank you for paying attention to this Garry's Mod review.

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Features Review

Key Features:

❍ Plenty of Games and Mini-Games

Garry’s Mod offers you a variety of online games and mini-games through the online servers. Meanwhile, there are also games that other gamers created. It seems that you are transported to a fantasy world where everything is possible when you are playing this game.

❍ Customize Everything

The Steam Workshop gives you access to create endless combinations of fun moments. You can build your own weaponry to strengthen yourself when fighting. Download the Customized Weaponry 2.0 and Gbombs 5.0 to customize your weapons and bombs.

❍ Modeled after Half-Life 2

Garry Mod gets its name after its designer Garry Newman. Later Facepunch Studios develop the potential of this game. Garry Newman uses Garry’s Mod to modify Half-Life 2. You can play GMod which is based on the original game for free.

❍ Pros

Enjoy creative mode

A community of passionate players

Create the game you want to play

Build anything you like including weapons, bombs and more else

❍ Cons

No real goals which cannot favor everyone

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