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Fortnite is an online multiplayer action game that combines one-versus-all combat with advanced building facilities and almost completely interactive world. If you download Fortnite now, you can take part in the current season’s activity!

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Features Review

Battle Royale Trendsetters

Fortnite Battle Royale is simple in its idea. The party of 100 players gets deployed on a prepared island with no locals and lots of weapons stored in empty houses. In solo mode, you need to kill everyone and protect yourself, till there’s only one left. In team mode, your team is required to do the same to other teams. Unlike other games, here you can use materials for building shelters, ladders, ramps, floors and roofs if you want to get yourself some protection or a better view.

Fortnite offers lots of various weapons, vehicles, and missions. The island features various biomes and a hazard to all – the storm that finally drives the survivors closer to each other for the final showdown.

In fact, it’s not the first Battle Royale superhit: PUBG was published a bit earlier. But Fortnite takes it up to a new level, with constructing options, interactive world, and literally constant events.

No Advantage, No Handicap

One of the elements that keeps Fortnite so popular is the equality it preaches. A new player can install Fortnite now and find that old players have no advantage over new ones, except for skill and knowledge.

The game is available for all major platforms. Fortnite iOS edition is identical to Fortnite Android, and all mobile versions are compatible with console or PC version. This compatibility makes it easier to find mates for playing.

Most players are good with Fortnite free download, because, as we said earlier, experience or investing gives no real advantage. But many players pay for BattlePass to access new outfits, missions, pets, or custom skins to their weapons.


▲ Easy Battle Royale gameplay;

▲ Great graphics and sounds;

▲ Large interactive world that changes from season to season;

▲ Fortification is as important as the combat;

▲ The game is free and gives no real advantage for investments.


▲ The game is rather large;

▲ There are more rival projects.

The Game that Made It and Still Thrives

There are more and more Battle Royale projects lately, but Fortnite seems the one that will survive in the end. So download Fortnite now, and you will enjoy it long after Battle Royale is no more a trend.

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