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ESPN is the official app by the TV channel covering sports events. Download ESPN app to be always aware of the scores, watch real-time broadcasts, or follow your favourite teams!

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Features Review

The Essentials of Sports

Though most of us can’t sit in front of our TVs all day long, we still want to be aware of what’s going on. Events happen all over the world, so it can be any hour a new game starts or finishes. ESPN is a channel covering sports events all over the world, with multiple regional divisions, and this is its official app.

It covers lots of leagues and tournaments, including MLB, NFL, NHL, College Football, NBA, College Basketball, NCAA Football, Top Soccer, UFC, and so on. Score section offers current scores for today as well as history calendar and future games schedule.

If you want to track a particular team or a sportsman, you can just follow them and get notified about any news on them.

One of the greatest features is online radio streaming, covering and commenting on live events or past ones. The radio is available without a subscription, and it works in the background, so you can even listen to it with your screen off.

Follow the Leaders

ESPN Android and ESPN iOS versions are virtually identical, with no significant difference. The app shows the essential information, like news articles, dry scores, and so on. To watch live events, you need to have an ESPN+ subscription ($4.99/mo). Along with live sports coverage, it offers archive materials, originals of famous events, and even its own fantasy league tools. If you’re in the US, you can watch some select events for free.

ESPN app is also available across all Apple ecosystem (including Apple Watch and Apple TV), on gaming consoles, on Chromecast and on Roku, but, alas, not on Wear OS.


► Lots of sports covered;

► Live scores in real time;

► Live broadcasts and on-demand videos with subscription;

► In-app radio;

► Smartwatch and Smart TV apps.


► Only covers some American and Pacific countries and India;

► The best experience requires subscription.

Sports Aware!

So, ESPN is more than just a channel on your large TV; it’s also the way to be aware when you’re away. Download ESPN, and even if a paid subscription isn’t your option, you’ll still get the essentials on your phone

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