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Disney Crossy Road is a game that was created in March 2016 by the same developer who created the original Crossy Road game. While playing Disney Crossy Road, you will see a lot of famous Disney characters. You can unlock them by paying 100 coins. You can get coins while playing, watching ads, or you can perform an in-game purchase. Sometimes the game can gift you coins. You can download Disney Crossy Road for iOS, Android, and Windows platforms. The game has been downloaded more than 100 million times.

The unusual gameplay

Disney Crossy Road is a fun game, and if you are a fan of Disney characters, you will enjoy playing this app. There are more than 500 characters. All characters have their unique rarity (common, rare, epic, and legendary). You can unlock heroes one by one. Players also can pay real money in order to get the characters right away. 

The game uses pixel graphics, but there are many different locations. For example, you can select the location from your favorite cartoon (Finding Dory, Aladdin, Moana, The Incredibles, etc.). However, you will not be able to play on some locations until you get the character from the related cartoon.

Game Rules

The game has no end. You should run for as long as you can. You will see many obstacles on your way. Your mission is to avoid them. The game will save your high score, and you will be able to beat it next time. To go forward, tap anywhere on the screen. You can turn left or right. To do so, swipe left or right with your finger. The controls are simple, but sometimes it is hard to perform the required move because the game is dynamic.


  • Free to download.

  • A lot of characters and locations.

  • Interesting gameplay.


  • You might see some ads while playing.

  • The last update was in June 2019.


We recommend you to download Disney Crossy Road because it is a fun time-killer that has a lot of in common with the original Crossy Road game. You can select your favorite Disney character, but firstly, you need to unlock it. Thank you for reading this Disney Crossy Road review.

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Features Review


Parkour Gameplay & 3D Pixel Style

with the same play style of Crossy Road, users will control a pixelated 3D character to cross the street and avoid numerous obstacles.The whole game has no limit time and numbers; you can cross the road, get hit and restart over and over again.

Over 100+ Disney figures

Based on famous classic animation, Disney provides users an extensive list of cartoon figures including Mickey Mouse, Donald, Mufasa, Buzz Lightyear, Rapunzel, etc. you can also see new characters like Judy Lane and Nick from the famous movie, Crazy Animal City.

Journey through 8-bit depictions of crazy worlds

Besides Al’s Toy Barn, the Haunted Mansion, the Pride Lands of Africa, San Fransokyo, you can also enjoy 8-bit versions of familiar tunes like “I Just Can’t Wait to be King!” and “You’ve Got a Friend in Me.”

Special themed challenges unique to each world

While you are playing, you will never know which awesome challenge you will meet. For example, weathering blizzards, avoiding thundering stampedes of wildebeest, collecting cherries to earn special power-ups, staying clear of falling barrels, and more for you to explore!


Besides collecting coins appearing randomly in the game, you can also get coins by watching ads. You may choose to ignore them, but you may in urgent need of them once you want to unlock new characters.

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