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Ferrets for bordering, sponsoring or fostering at non profit

 (EN# 04-0003671)  New Jersey

Charity CH2332200 no kill shelter.

is our email so contact us if you have questions relating to helping or ferret adoption.

If you are interested in ferrets or ferret adoptions for a great pet please click on Miss Chewy. We reside in New Jersey with our current furry associates many of which are hoping to be adopted to a "ferret worthy" home.  Everything we do for domestic ferrets is in memory of Pierre who never missed an opportunity to cuddle. We try to put the third most popular interactive pet in America together with a great family. The little guy napping in my drawer above is bear and he was one of the greatest of all ferrets but they all are. He has gone to heaven to play under the rainbow bridge and we all here still miss him and since you got down this far if you press on him as a reward I will treat you to pictures of ferrets and other things. He was one of our first rescues and will always remain in our minds and our hearts.




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